Sometimes it’s ok to use google translate. For example, it might be great for personal use when you are trying to get the gist of an article, or translate a headline.

However, if you are considering using google translate for professional content, or for anything that will be published online or in print, just don’t do it.

Check out the example below.

Original text

2012 är det hundra år sedan Stockholm arrangerade de olympiska sommarspelen. Stockholms stad planerar att uppmärksamma 100-årsjubileet bland annat genom idrottsliga evenemang med höjdpunkten under juni nästa år. I slutet av 90-talet misslyckades Stockholm efter en uppmärksammad kampanj med att söka värdskap för sommar-OS 2004.

Google’s translation

2012 is a hundred years since Stockholm organized the Summer Olympic Games . The City of Stockholm is planning to pay attention to the 100th anniversary including sporting events with the highlight of next June. At the end of the 90th century failed Stockholm after a highly publicized campaign to seek hosting of the Summer Olympics in 2004.

The way I would have done it

In 2012 it will have been one hundred years since Stockholm hosted the Summer Olympic Games. The City of Stockholm is planning to commemorate the 100-year anniversary with, among other things, sporting events culminating in June of next year. At the end of the 1990s, after a campaign that drew a lot of attention, Stockholm failed in its bid to host the 2004 Summer Olympics.