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About FoxWorks

I’m Sheri Fox, the one behind the controls at FoxWorks. I’m a freelance writer and translator based in Sweden, and you can read more about my background and credentials here. FoxWorks exists to help companies and individuals become braver, more confident communicators in English – and in general.  I believe that the world is in great need of opinions and ideas that are expressed accurately, elegantly, and completely, regardless of whether it’s an annual report, a press release, or one line of copy.  My clients choose me because I’m conscientious and committed to adding value to their work.


In practice, making you into a braver, more confident communicator in English means that I offer the following services: Translation (Swedish to English), editing, copywriting, individual coaching (getting ready for a big presentation?) and voiceover work. (Listen here!) It’s helpful that I also have a background in PR and corporate communication.


My dream clients are thought leaders who care deeply about what they have to say, and they want every word to matter. They value thoroughness, accuracy, new knowledge, and personal commitment. They’re looking for someone who can read their minds (well, almost).

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