It’s all about trust

I understand that you have deliveries and deadlines to make, and that your success is important. I also understand that you need to trust your suppliers – after all, your name is on the line.

Obviously, if it’s important for you to have specific information about my experience, we can discuss that. But for now, I’m sharing what I call my “holistic CV.” Hopefully it will help you get to know me a little better!


From there to here

  • Grew up in Florida (and no, I don’t miss the bugs, the heat, the hurricanes…)
  • Got a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication and Journalism from California State University, Stanislaus
  • Moved to Uppsala to do a year as an exchange student at Uppsala University, but took a crazy left turn in life and decided to stay in Sweden
  • Joined a dance performance group in Uppsala and met my husband-to-be, who played piano in the band
  • Worked at a few different Swedish companies and gained a good understanding of the Swedish work culture (there are plenty of funny stories I’m looking forward to sharing in the blog)
  • Learned Swedish and started a part-time translation business and rented office space in the south tower of the Uppsala Castle
  • Began teaching undergraduate courses in Public Relations at Uppsala University
  • Worked as a translator/editor/consultant at the Stockholm-based PR & lobbying firm JKL
  • Moved to the countryside and finally got a black Labrador named Pepper
  • Thought carefully about my life and decided that I would regret it if I didn’t take a chance to pursue my interests in dance and fitness
  • Left my jobs, and five years later I had established a new career as a certified fitness instructor, yoga instructor and personal trainer, and had imported the fitness concept willPower & grace® to Sweden
  • I rented a studio, ran boot camps, kids dance classes, and other fitness classes with a lot of success, but I missed writing and editing.
  • Took a year-long course in Anatomy & Physiology at Uppsala University
  • I suffered a knee injury and noticed that my attitude about the fitness and health industry was changing – most of my clients didn’t need more push-ups, they needed other forms of coaching
  • Got married and had a baby
  • When my son came into my life, I decided to shift my attention back to writing, editing and translating
  • Twice a week I teach yoga at Womens Wellness in Uppsala.
Sheri isn’t just a translator. She’s someone who helps her clients create a brand, a product, and a service. She succeeds with that by being able to set both large and small communication jobs in a greater strategic context, by understanding her customers’ customers, and by always working one step ahead. Language, word choice and attitude have been a very important part of Wiminvest’s products and services. We would never have reached the position we have today if Sheri had not been part of the entire communication process in English, and we certainly would not have been able to distinguish ourselves in the competitive global market.

Sofia Falk
CEO and Founder of Wiminvest

Working with Sheri has been easy and fun. Sheri has largely done editing work for me, because I have needed someone who is a native English speaker. Sheri’s command of Swedish has been valuable , and she has always been available to discuss the nuances of words and meanings and special expressions. She has always presented valuable questions and suggestions for improvement, and she could make complex issues understandable even for an outsider.

Lars Wahlström
Head Medical Officer, MD.
Stockholm County Health Services